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October 19, 2017                                                                        Barton Creek Elementary


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As we are approaching Parent-Teacher Conferences, I was reminded of a letter I stumbled upon written by Bill Bechtol.  As most of you know, Mr. Bechtol recently retired after a long career with Eanes ISD.  He served as Deputy Superintendent,  Principal of Valley View Elementary, and most recently Interim Principal of Barton Creek Elementary.  His message really resonated with's heartfelt, genuine, and relatable.  With his permission, I decided to share this letter with you in it's entirety.

 BCE Families,

Next week is Parent Conference week. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, school will end

three hours early at 11:50am. We will not be serving lunch on those three days.

Parent conferences offer the opportunity for parents and teachers to work together more

closely for a child's success. Strengths and areas for growth will be discussed by the teacher.

Parents will share their child's feelings about school, where he/she feels confident, and when

he/she may worry. It's a brief opportunity to build their parent-teacher relationship so to best

help the child as a team. The key to that relationship is trust.

Like a lot of things in life, I learned this through an experience when I was wrong. At our oldest

daughter's 1st grade conference, we were given what I believed was too much negative news

about Aly's behavior. Aly talked too much. She got out of her seat and was often off task.

These behaviors had not been much of an issue in kindergarten because kindergarten was very

play-based in 1991. In 1st grade, Aly was expected to sit in her seat, pay attention, learn to read,

and learn to add and subtract.

I walked away from that conference unhappy with Ms. Wiemers for her comments about Aly's

behavior. I did not trust that she was accurate. A couple of days later, we took Aly to her

pediatrician. He took her temperature, looked in her throat and ears, diagnosed an ear

infection, and wrote a prescription for an antibiotic. After giving her the first dose of antibiotic,

I read the information about possible side effects. There was a long list.

Then I got to thinking. Aly spent about 10 minutes with her doctor and I totally trusted him

even though he prescribed a drug with a number of potentially bad side effects. 10 minutes

and total trust. Aly spent 7 hours a day five days a week for nine weeks with Ms. Wiemers and I

did not trust her. I realized that made no sense and that I was wrong to question Ms. Wiemers

and to not trust her. Ms. Wiemers was right and she loved our daughter and together we

helped Aly improve her behavior. I, also, realized Ms. Wiemers had shared many of Aly's

strengths in that initial conference and I had only focused on the few areas for growth.

I share this story with you to illustrate the importance of trusting your child's teacher at next

week's conference. Every teacher at BCE wants every one of their students to succeed. They

have the best interest of each student at heart. So, after hearing about your child's strengths,

you may hear an area (for example reading comprehension, math facts, behavior) where your

child needs to improve. Trust that the teacher is correct, ask questions, and develop a plan

together for improvement.

Elementary school is just the first steps on the journey to high school graduation. I saw many

Valley View students who we had concerns about, who had areas for improvement, who spent

a lot of time with me for discipline problems. A few years later when their journey ended, they

graduated from Westlake with honors and earned college scholarships. I believe each of those

students did so because the parents, many teachers, and the child worked together to grow

and improve.

Enjoy your parent conferences. Work together to help your child THRIVE on this year's journey!

Thank you,


Bill Bechtol


Wow!  What a powerful message.  Thank you, Mr. Bechtol for sharing this story with us, and thank you BCE families for your continued partnership with us.  




We are always looking for ways to foster an even safer and more caring school community.  We have added a new feature to our websites to ensure students, staff and parents have a voice to

report issues that may affect their peers and/or schools.

Quick Report allows school administrators to receive tips at any time and have the ability to respond in a timely manner to issues that impact the school or individual students. The reported issues range from bullying to weapons/threats.

Students, staff, parents and other stakeholders can visit the district website or any campus website and click either "Connect" at the top navigation bar, "Quick Links" at the top navigation bar, or click under the "Students" section, then "Quick Report".

Once on the Quick Report page, you can identify which school(s) receives the tip, select an appropriate topic from the dropdown list, write the message and submit the tip. There is also an option to include a photograph as appropriate. Messages may be communicated anonymously or with contact information.

Please note that in an emergency, you should call 911, or in the case of a mental health crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800- 273-8255.


The Gift of Failure

Book Study Session #5: 

Next book study session is Monday the 23rd immediately following assembly.  We will discuss Chapters 9 and 10.  





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