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August 31, 2017                 

Barton Creek Elementary

Staff/Student Football Game


Principal Tiffany Phelps

Conversation Starters

Do you struggle to get past the one word responses when you ask your child how their day was?  You're not alone.  I know the answer before I even ask it;  "good," "fine," and the occasional "super good" are about as much as I can get.  This week I asked the different grade levels to provide me with a couple of questions you can ask your kids.  I hope these will help generate some fun conversations.      



What did you learn about patterns this week in math? What did you use to make patterns? 
Did you share your Me Bag with the class?
How was your first visit to the library this week? Did you pick a stuffed animal to read with?

1st Grade

What makes a scientist?
What are the 4 steps to showing active listening?

2nd Grade

Tell me why Chrysanthemum felt wilted (sad) on the first and second day of school? How did she overcome the problem? Do you ever feel this way? 

How did you establish your class rules? Did you make a class constitution? Why are the rules important? Which one do you think is the most important? What class rules do you follow at home? 

3rd Grade

How are you making line prints in art?
Who have you been playing with at recess? 
What did you and your buddy have in common when you made the buddy banner?
What books are you reading? 
Tell me about the "I Am" board! 
What do you like to do in Daily 5? 

4th Grade

What is the 20 Book Challenge?
How do you measure an angle?
What is Class Dojo? How are you using it in your classroom?

5th Grade

What are you investigating in science right now?
How do you work in collaborative teams in you class?
What was the toughest transition for you moving into 5th grade?


Hurricane Harvey Donation Message

The Eanes Independent School District is a generous community, especially in times of need. Heartbreaking stories from the Texas Gulf Coast since Aug. 25 are prompting expressions of support among students, parents and residents who want to help displaced families. Many have asked if the school district or our school are collecting contributions or organizing other relief efforts. While we want to be compassionate, no formal drives are being planned by Eanes ISD or our school; however, if we have a family that has relocated to our school due to evacuation, the BCE Booster Club will help coordinate efforts to collect items of need. 


The Austin area and various credible organizations offer many ways to be involved.  The most effective way to support disaster survivors in their recovery is to donate money and time to trusted, reputable, voluntary or charitable organizations. Cash donations offer voluntary agencies and faith-based organizations the most flexibility to address urgently developing needs. With funding, these organizations can obtain needed resources nearer to the disaster location.

The Texas Rural Education Association is collecting school supplies in lieu of those donations being made to a local campus.  Whether money or goods, always donate through a trusted organization, such as the Austin Disaster Relief Network or the American Red Cross. At the national level, many voluntary-, faith- and community-based organizations are active in disasters and are trusted ways to donate to disaster survivors. The Texas Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (Texas VOAD) also has a list of vetted disaster relief organizations accepting donations for Hurricane Harvey survivors. Texas VOAD represents more than three dozen faith-based, community, nonprofit and non-governmental organizations.


Thank you for considering these ways to ease the suffering of our Texas neighbors.


Approval will lower District's total tax rate by 1.25 cents and increase amount of local tax revenue that stays in the community

September 6 @ 6:00PM. Find out more about the benefits of DI and this year's challenges. Learn about how teams are formed on your campus, student workshops, and team manager training.

We are excited to officially kick off the program this year, which will streamline services including transportation and cafeteria meal transactions as well as coordinate campus dismissal preferences electronically with parents of elementary students.


Booster Club General Meeting

Speaker - Tiffany Phelps

Thursday, September 7th - 7:45am-8:45am - BCE Library


Join us for our first Booster Club meeting! This is a great way to meet other parents & learn more about BCBC committees and events. You won't want to miss the special time with Mrs. Phelps! We'll also talk about this year's events and vote on our budget.


**Please visit our newly revamped website at** Register your family so you can gain access to helpful links (order Spirit Wear, donate to the No Hassle Fundraiser, check out this year's calendar of events, etc)!


Unusual Library Reading Spot Contest

Participants will submit a picture taken while they are reading in an unusual place or in a special pose. Students might be found reading in a famous landmark, an iconic Austin site, or in their own backyard. All photos will be posted on a library bulletin board throughout the 2017-2018 school year. Five entries will be chosen to be printed on the front of a school-wide bookmark.


When: NOW until Friday, September 29th

For more information, specific directions, and the entry form...


Celebrate your Blue Jay's birthday by having their name and birthday displayed on the BCE marquee for an entire week! Don't wait...marquee spots are selling out fast! Purchase your child's birthday spot for $25!


Spirit Night




Bingo Night



Nurse's Notes


Destination Imagination









Barton Creek Show Choirs

Calling all Blue Jays!!! Come sing and swing with the BCE Show Choirs! Does your child like to sing, dance, act, speak, and wear amazing costumes? If so, then choir is just for you! Each of our choirs will be performing a fun and exciting musical this fall semester for our school and families! All choirs will start next week so make sure to get signed up through the Eanes Community Education website. We hope to see you there! It's sure going to be a hoot! Read more and view schedules...


Thursday - August 31, 2017
7:45 AM - 8:45 AM
4:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Friday - September 1, 2017
7:45 AM - 8:45 AM
Monday - September 4, 2017
All day
Wednesday - September 6, 2017
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Thursday - September 7, 2017
7:45 AM - 8:45 AM
Friday - September 8, 2017
10:55 AM - 12:50 PM
Tuesday - September 12, 2017
8:15 AM - 9:00 AM
Friday - September 15, 2017
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

1314 Patterson Road, Austin, Texas 78746

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