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Barton Creek Elementary

Our School

Barton Creek Elementary
1314 Patterson Road
Austin, TX 78733

Office: (512)732-9180
Fax: (512)732-9189

Attendance: Login to SMARTtag Parent Portal to report an absence

Grades: K-5
Enrollment: 504
School Hours: 7:40am-2:50pm
Office Hours: 7:20am-4:00pm

Boundary Map
District: Eanes Independent School District

Principal: Jennifer Dusek*
Assistant Principal: Erin Webb*
Principal Secretary/Registrar: Sarah Sansom
School Secretary: Debbie Cannon
Safety Officer: Veneza Bremner

* Campus Behavior Coordinator

Barton Creek Elementary Mission Statement
The Barton Creek Elementary community is vitally committed to engage each student in purposeful learning at the highest level of educational excellence.

Engage. Empower. Inspire.

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Ethnic Distribution

Barton Creek provides a broad continuum of services for students, including Gifted and Talented services for identified students, intervention programs provided by campus math and reading specialists, and ongoing differentiated instruction for students at all academic levels in all classrooms.

In addition, a comprehensive special education program for students identified with special needs is provided. An extensive literacy library supports reading instruction in all grades. Students enjoy the benefits of certified P.E., Music and Art teachers in addition to a certified librarian, a certified school counselor and a registered nurse.

There are a variety of campus and community education extracurricular activities available for students including a school choir, student council, Safety Patrol, Destination Imagination, and many more. Barton Creek Elementary is also participates in the District's Spanish Immersion program.